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Aisino A90
Customized Android secure OS. Powered by secure micro chip, 5.5 inches high-definition, giant color screen,optional 2GB+16GB, Multiple APPs running in the background more smoothly.
Aisino Q380
32Bits CPU, customized secure system, high performance secure processor, QR Code/NFC fast payment. Supports dynamic payment code displaying and scanning.
Aisino V71
Embedded with powerful ARM11 CPU, effectively speed-up transactions. 64M+128M larger memory ensures better performance. Multiple choices of communication,ideal for flexible scenarios.
Aisino VM30
Slimmer and lighter POS, Customized secure OS,Powerful capability, MSR/IC/NFC various payment types. Suitable for micro merchants.
 Smart POS
 QR Code POS
Traditional POS
 mPOS Terminal
Our Advantages
Vanstone Electronic (Beijing) Co.,Ltd is a leading terminal manufacturer in China. Our products are widely used in top 5 Chinese banks, and also amongst various NBFCs and third-party PSPs.
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